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We are professional advertisers with one goal to get you traffic and ensure your utmost satisfaction.

We are well versed in marketing player/community and game based fields. We know how to construct texts that will attract human eye.

We also know what kind of images attract people and clicks. When and how to promote the content so it reaches its maximum potency.

We test our traffic that passes trough us, as well as peoples interest/platform/gender and use that to our advantage to generate logins.

What can you expect from us?

You can expect your traffic to increase, also your logins to increase. General awareness that your server exists and that is worth loging in.

You can expect help and guidance from us. Such as how to rank better on google and other search engines. Free advertising texts creation that utilizes reaches and clicks(reactions) that you get to keep even when you stop using our services.

Also you get free ssl certificate with installation from us (ssl is important to rank higher in google and to secure your traffic).

Safety & Security:

We offer answering posts to players to our utmost ability or redirecting the question towards you (so none of the players get left behind).

You also get reports of how many people like and interact with the post or thread.

After each advertising session we will supply proof of posting or job well done in either one of these forms: images/video files.

You will be supplied with download link each day.